Factory default settings and reset

Factory default settings
All of our devices have the following default access details:

IP address: DHCP /
Username: admin
Password: 00000 (five zeros)

If a DHCP server is available on your network, the device will obtain its IP address from it. You can use the "Device Discoverer" application, available in the Download section, to view its IP address. A double click on a row in the application will open the device's WEB server in your default internet browser.

If a DHCP server is NOT available on your network, the device will use the abovementioned IP address, until it's changed. If your computer is in another network group, you must change its network settings so you can open the device's WEB server from it.

Reset to factory default settings

If you forgоt the password or you can't connect to the device by some reason, do the following to reset it to its default settings:

  1. Turn the power off by unplugging the power jack.

  2. With a thin, non-metal suitable object press and hold the button through the hole on the case.

  3. Turn the power on.

  4. Wait about 4-5 seconds and release the button.

Please be aware that this procedure will reset absolutely all settings, not only the password / network settings. The records in the data logger (if available) won't be deleted, however the logger itself will be disabled. And you will have to completely reconfigure the device after this procedure, except if you have previously exported its settings to a file.