Advanced network display - digital clock

NT-250 is a network display designed as digital clock, which is basically used in working time registration systems to displays the exact time when employees come in or out. It is advanced version of NT-240, having in addition an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment, as well high-accuracy onboard hardware clock. The device can be used as stand alone clock or in conjunction with a remote server. Additionally, the local onboard clock is synchronized every night over external NTP server and can be used as a fallback clock source if the connection with the remote server gets lost. The two flashing dots can be disabled, allowing the device to displays other numerical information if needed. With a custom software application, this device can display any suited information like time remaining or time elapsed, counter values, etc.

no maintenance needed

Fast and easy installation

All you need to install and run our devices is your 2 hands and 10 seconds time. Just plug in the ethernet cable and the power jack and you're ready to start. So easy as that!

No unnecessary software

Platform independent

You're using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. That doesn't matter! All you need is just modern WEB browser and an internet connection.

Network connectivity

Access from around the world

No matter if you're at home, at the office or on vacation, your devices are on just one click distance. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Nothing else!


Comparison table
  • 10Base-T ethernet interface
  • integrated WEB server
  • supports TCP, IP, ICMP, ARP, UDP, DNS, NTP, HTTP and DHCP network protocols
  • 1" (25.4 mm) red indicators, green on demand
  • manual brightness adjustment in 17 levels
  • automatic brightness adjustment depending on ambient light
  • onboard hardware clock with calibration function and 3V backup battery
  • selectable 12 / 24 hours format
  • leading zero suppression on hours < 10
  • the flashing dots can be disabled
  • included 5V power adapter
  • password protected configuration
  • easy configuration
  • free Windows service software
  • easy wall mountable
  • compact size (112(138) x 62 x 31 mm)
  • 3 years warranty


  •  working time registration systems
  • access control systems
  • digital clock in the room
  • numerical information display
  • others

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