Push notifications for Android devices

Our Push notification service allows you to receive push notification (kind of short messages) on your Android smartphone or tablet when some of your devices reports out-of-range condition or if an input changes its state (if inputs are available on your device). Any Android device is capable to receive these notifications as they are part from the operating system itself. The push notifications are free, received almost instantly and the only requirement to receive them, is your smartphone or tablet to be online, i.e. to be connected to the Internet, no matter how - wifi, 2G, 3G, LTE, etc.
Currently, capable to send Push notifications are TB-232A, TB-260, TH-332A, TH-355 and RM-408. In all other devices this capability will be added in the future, if their firmware allows it.

In order to use this service, you have to sign up on this site and register all of your devices that will send push notifications. This is needed, since this site acts as a coordinator between your hardware devices and your Android smartphones or tablets. Besides, one device can trigger notifications to unlimited Android devices, but the device itself can't handle the complexity of such a task.

To register your device, sign in into your account and in the "Services" menu (the star icon top right), section "Registered devices", press the button "Add new" and follow the instructions on the page.
Device configuration
The configuration of the device is done via 2 of its pages: "Limits" and "Web & Push". On the page "Limits" check any checkboxes in the column "Web", that you wish to receive notifications for. On the page "Web & Push" check the checkbox "Enable Push Notifications". All other settings, except "Timeout" and "Retry Delay", which are shared, are used by the HTTP client.
Installing the Android application
To be able to receive the push notifications sent by your devices, you have to install our dedicated android application "Events Monitor" from Google Play. Aftet the application is installed, open it and press the button "Register now". In the form that will appear, enter the model of your mobile phone or tablet (it may be filled automatically), and in the other fields enter the same email and password you have used to register on this site. If the registration process is successful, a confirmation message will appear. If not, check your email and/or password and try again. Once you're registered, you're ready to receive push notifications. To make sure everything works as expected, you can trigger a test message by pressing the "Test Push" button on the "Web & Push" page in your device. Shortly after that, you should receive the notification on your Android device.

You are allowed to register as many Android devices as you wish, and all of them will receive notifications sent by any of your devices. You can view all registered hardware and Android devices in the "Services" page (the star icon top right) after you sign in into your account. The Android application and the push notifications itself are completely free of any charge. However, as this is service provided by Google, we give you no warranties that it will stay free forever, neither we can guarantee a successful notification delivery.
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